Text Messaging: Almost a Guaranteed Read

Your cell phone beeps, buzzes, or blinks – signaling an incoming text message. How many seconds will pass before you respond and pick up the phone to check the message? How quickly will you respond? SMS is a highly effective and engaging medium of communication and multiple studies show that 95 – 98% of text messages are read within minutes of receipt. Due to the prevalent use of cell phones for text messaging (the Pew Research Center reports that 80% of U.S. cell phone owners use their phone to send and receive text messages), mobile communications provides a huge opportunity for businesses to connect with their audience and engage in immediate and relevant conversations. In the U.S. and Canada, the best way to do this is by using a short code.

A short code is a special 5-6 digit number (e.g., 75195) that allows consumers to subscribe to mobile messaging campaigns. You are probably familiar with ads prompting you to text a keyword to a short code, for example, “Text PIZZA31 to enter to win a free pizza.” Whether SMS communication with your audience is for informational, promotional, voting, feedback, or other contact, there are significant benefits in adding SMS communications to reach your audience:


Short code messages are typically delivered within seconds. This is an immediate advantage for businesses engaging their audiences in real time, and has a broader appeal than an app download or mobile website. 91% of all U.S. citizens have their mobile device within reach 24/7 (Morgan Stanley).

Near Perfect Open Rates

The average open rate for SMS messages is over 95% (Frost & Sullivan). This makes SMS a powerful marketing tool and gives businesses a direct line of communication to support other marketing efforts.

Targeted Communication

There are many opportunities to reach your audience with short codes that range from information and customer service (e.g., opt-in alerts and logging customer issues) to marketing, advertising, and entertainment (e.g., incentives, promotions, polling, games, and  quizzes). A big appeal for companies using short codes is reaching each subscriber in a personal, relevant and timely manner.

Customer Communication Choice

Customers have increased expectations of the companies with which they do business. For many consumers, text messaging is a preferred method of contact, and a golden opportunity for a company to increase the frequency of one-to-one communications.

CDYNE provides U.S. and Canadian short codes for use with the SMS Notify! API – SMS Notify! is a secure two-way SMS Gateway that facilitates your business communications with a developer-friendly API.

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