411 Web Service can be used to prevent medical identity theft

CDYNE 411, a directory assistance Web Service, is used by medical practices and hospitals to match patient names, phone numbers, and addresses to reduce medical identity theft.  It’s a good practice to use to comply with the FTC’s Red Flags Rule, as a part of an identity theft prevention plan mandated by the rule.

Reverse phone lookups and Phone Append (a reverse address operation) can match patients at point of entry, as soon as they check in with the front desk for an appointment.  It can also be a part of regular checks on an EHR to keep records up to date.  The checks happen instantaneously, and results can be programmed to add directly to a patient’s record and prompt users of EHRs online to update any old information.

In combination with CDYNE’s Death Index, a Web service that stops deceased person identity theft, 411 is a comprehensive solution for fraud that can be plugged into existing medical management software.


For more info, visit cdyne.com’s 411 service page.


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