Amazon Web Services (AWS) experienced a massive outage today with their usual 99.95% up-time hosting system. As a Web Service provider that commits to 100% up-time levels, CDYNE knows the impact of an outage of this caliber. “We know our customers count on us to provide services 24/7, that is why most of our company resources are committed to our infrastructure and network,” says Christopher Chenoweth, CIO of CDYNE Corporation.

With the recent addition of another server center in Richmond, VA, CDYNE currently maintains three major server farms, bringing added redundancy to our networks and additional capacity.

Infrastructure failures as AWS experienced today weaken the Web Services community as a whole, but the idea that you can have the same power and redundancy as a Fortune 500 company for a fraction of the cost is not so far a dream. A good example is that CDYNE provides programmatic phone calls for thousands of businesses large and small. Most of these companies program our Web Services into their core business processes and require that our systems work flawlessly. If CDYNE services were interrupted for ten minutes, let alone for almost two days, we would threaten the viability of all of our customers. This is why CDYNE manages its servers and networks where they are set up in multiple data centers for redundancy. We maintain complete control over the network providers, latency, and hardware.

CDYNE has been providing Web services for over 10 years with minimal outages. That is why our clients have learned to count on us. Will CDYNE go with Elastic Computing any time soon? Probably not. But like any animal nurtured from early stages of existence, we are eager to see the continued development of these services and will not consider relying on them until they have matured.

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