And The Oscar Goes To….

And The Oscar Goes To….

This Sunday countless people will turn on their TVs and watch their favorite celebrities as they walk down the red carpet wearing their best. It’s Oscars weekend ladies and gentlemen.

As we anxiously wait to see our favorite movies of 2015 receive awards and make note of which films to add to our ‘must see’ list one question lingers…

Will Leo DiCarpio finally take home an Oscar?


The actor has been previously nominated four times and is once again nominated for his latest film, The Revenant. The topic of whether DiCarpio will ever score an Academy Award has become increasing popular and with his amazing performance in the 2015 film the debate has reached new heights.

There is no doubt that everyone will be waiting with baited breath when the award for best actor is announced making this a perfect opportunity to engage with customers about their predictions and an easy way to advertise your business!

With CDYNE’s SMS Notify! API a contest could be made for customers to text in their votes on Leo’s fate using your SMS Notify! short code. Once the results are announced the customers who predicted  the outcome correctly would  receive a text containing a promotional prize. All customer’s who entered the contest are eligible to receive future marketing text campaigns you send out.

To create such a contest the first step would be to start a CDYNE account to receive your text enabled short code. The next step is to specify a URL of your choosing to view the incoming messages in real time and to store the data that is collected into a database.

Here is an example in C# showing how to grab data from incoming SMS to your Short Code:

//If the POST contains SMSResponse, it is an incoming message
if (!String.IsNullOrEmpty(Request.Params["SMSResponse"]))
//Capture POST
string SMSResponse = Request.Params["SMSResponse"];
string MessageID = Request.Params["MessageID"];
string MatchedMessageID = Request.Params["MatchedMessageID"];
string ReferenceID = Request.Params["ReferenceID"];
string FromPhoneNumber = Request.Params["FromPhoneNumber"];
string ToPhoneNumber = Request.Params["ToPhoneNumber"];
string ResponseReceiveDate = Request.Params["ResponseReceiveDate"];
string Message = Request.Params["Message"];

//Save/Store it
SomeMethodToSaveResponse(Response values);

The above example allows you to grab multiple parameters from incoming messages, but in this instance you would be only be interested in the FromPhoneNumber and Messages parameters.  You would then code for the information to be collected and sent to a database.

A response could be sent back stating their votes have been received with our SimpleSMSSend Method for example:

IsmsClient client = new IsmsClient("sms2wsHttpBinding");
SMSResponse resp = client.SimpleSMSsend("RecipientPhoneNumer", "Thank you for your vote!", new Guid("YOUR LICENSE KEY")); //Single line message request.
Console.WriteLine(resp.MessageID + " " + resp.SMSError.ToString());

After the award is announced you would send a text to the numbers that voted correctly containing their promotional prize allowing you to increase brand awareness and customer loyalty simultaneously.

It’s a win-win situation for your business and your customers (hopefully for Leo as well!)


Call CDYNE 757-544-9510  or email to start creating your SMS Notify! survey in time for the Oscars this Sunday!


And if you’re worried what will happen if Leo doesn’t win has idea.