Are you in compliance with the FTC’s Red Flags Rule? CDYNE can help…

CDYNE Fraud Prevention Web Services as part of your anti-fraud program can help you meet the standards of the new government-mandated Red Flags Rule.

From the Federal Trade Commission’s Web site:

The Red Flags Rule, a law the FTC will begin to enforce on August 1, 2009, requires certain businesses and organizations — including many doctors’ offices, hospitals, and other health care providers — to develop a written program to spot the warning signs — or “red flags” — of identity theft. Is your practice covered by the Red Flags Rule? If so, have you developed your Identity Theft Prevention Program to detect, prevent, and minimize the damage that could result from identity theft?

How can CDYNE Web Services help you prevent identity theft?

CDYNE Fraud Prevention XML Web Services can be implemented into your system to flag bad addresses at point-of-entry, perform reverse lookups with phone numbers and addresses to match with names in your patients’ sign-in forms, and run records against the Social Security Administration’s Death Index to combat deceased person identity theft – all instantaneously at point of entry.

In order to comply with the Red Flags Rule, organizations covered by the rule must draft a plan to combat identity theft in their practices and outline specific actions that will be taken to reduce instances of patient fraud.  CDYNE Web Services are specifically designed to work automatically in real time to validate records as they are entered into patient management software, systems, Web site forms, and other applications.

CDYNE is already working with health organizations to provide the data verification necessary to meet Red Flags Rule requirements. Incorporate CDYNE’s Fraud Prevention services into your Identity Theft Prevention Program mandated by the FTC and be confident that you are employing the best methods to save your organization from violations and other consequences of medical identity theft.

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To read the rest of the FTC’s article on the Red Flags Rule, click here.

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