BANG for Your Buck!

Cutting costs and saving money seem to be at the forefront of everyone’s minds these days. And who can blame them? It’s an expensive world we live in! Hours are spent hunting down the cheapest price and purchasing decisions are made based on overall savings. But there is an important question each person should ask themselves before making a purchase based solely on this criteria– are you willing to sacrifice quality for a good price?
An assumption can be made that the quality of a service is consistent whether you pay top dollar or find the best deal out there. This is not always the case. For example, in the API industry a provider might have the lowest initial cost luring you in, but then WHAM! you’re hit with unexpected costs…such as hidden fees and taxes. One of those fees could be a “pass-through” fee which is charged by the major phone carriers for carrying the messages you send out.
CDYNE prides itself in being transparent when it comes to pricing. Accounts are charged a consistent monthly fee for the service with all costs already covered. From there charges occur based on number of messages sent and received per month. Messaging rates are determined on a customer by customer basis stemming from expected volume and country of origin. There are NEVER any hidden fees.
Another way quality of service can be affected by discounted prices is reliability.  Product features vary by company, which increases the chance that the cheapest provider might not be able to meet all of your needs. If your message volume is too high for their capability, it can cause your speed of messages to slow down significantly or cause a number of messages to not even be delivered at all. CDYNE on the other hand does business based solely on customer need. So if a client’s messaging needs exceed our current capability, we invest in additional means to makes sure the client’s needs are met no matter the circumstance.
Finally, the quality of service is affected by price in terms of support.  A company with the lowest cost might save you money, but in the end they are probably not able to guarantee that their service will be completely reliable. When servers fail messages cannot be sent or received until the problem is solved causing missed opportunities for the clients who are trying to get their messages out. CDYNE guarantees 100% uptime and has 24/7 support for any issues a client may encounter.
With these realizations, the conflict between cheap prices and quality becomes more prevalent in the consumer’s eyes.  So when looking for your next API provider here are four questions to ask that will help make the choice easier:
What are your carrier-pass through rates?
What are your keyword costs?
What is you through–put/speed on messaging?
What is your uptime guarantee?
And then, call CDYNE at 1-800-984-3710 to get the answers to the above questions and start using our affordable, high quality service today!




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