Bulk SMS With Short Codes

CDYNE is proud to announce SMS Short Code Service availability. SMS Notify! customers have requested bulk text messaging and can now send up to 35 text messages per second. A short code is a 5- or 6-digit number such as 99431 that is assigned to a business to send text messages over supporting carrier networks. SMS Notify! now supports U.S. and Canadian short codes.

Short codes come in two varieties: random or vanity. A random short code is assigned, and a vanity short code is a number or word you can request for example 77493 for “PRIZE.” They are easy to remember numbers businesses can use to communicate with their customers and clients.

Launching a short code requires access to wireless carrier networks and carrier approval. This includes a carrier application which details the message flow between your business and text message recipients. Short code setup and carrier approval typically takes 8-10 weeks. While setting up short code access, businesses can use SMS-enabled phone numbers (DIDs) to test their applications with SMS Notify! API.

Short codes are an excellent mobile communication tool to reach customers with immediate and relevant information.

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Developers find CDYNE SMS Notify! API integration details on the CDYNE developer’s wiki.

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