CDYNE and M2M DataSmart announce M2M Ecosystem Marketing Agreement

Getting M2M Devices to Market Easier and Faster is the Goal
Chesapeake, VA, San Diego, Calif., September 20, 2010 – CDYNE and M2M DataSmart™ announced the availability of its high-reliability SMS Gateway services coupled with the industry leading M2M airtime pricing for M2M applications for developers and OEMs supplying M2M solutions.

M2M DataSmart is a revolutionary wireless data service provider for the emerging machine-to-machine (M2M) marketplace.  As a M2M Airtime Aggregator in partnership with Sprint Wholesale, M2M DataSmart offers the M2M OEM/Developer a cost effective, wireless pipeline for their M2M devices continues to build its M2M Ecosystem by teaming with CYDNE, a leading provider of SMS Gateway services through their SMS Notify! 2.0 Web Service.

Today many M2M applications/solutions are using SMS messaging and as a result many need the ability to be able to send and receive SMS messages directly to & from their host application server.  To deal with this requirement, an SMS gateway can be set up to handle the connections to the Cellular carrier which sounds easier than it is.

M2M Application developers had two choices, they could implement their own SMS gateway (which required extensive and costly integration efforts) or look to a third party that provided SMS gateway services as well as airtime service (these turned out to be expensive not only on the frontend set-up fees but also on the recurring monthly charges).  This new partnership now allows the M2M Developer to use the most competitive M2M airtime pricing of M2M DataSmart combined with the ease of integration and low usage cost of CDYNE’s SMS Gateway – cheaper and easier M2M deployments, that is what this is all about.

“Our customers are OEMs/Developers bringing machine to machine (M2M) applications to market for commercial deployment on the Sprint network,” said David McCartney, COO for M2M DataSmart.  “Working with our partner CDYNE, we can provide our customers with a single point of contact for deployment of M2M devices on the Sprint CDMA network. Partnerships like these make it easier, faster and more cost-efficient for commercial deployment of M2M.”

“When customers use our SMS Gateway, the SMS text messaging application only needs to know how to connect to the SMS gateway. No change to the source code of the SMS text messaging application is required. The use of our SMS gateway can greatly shorten the SMS text messaging applications development time and reduce the cost of deployment for the M2M developer” said Christopher Chenoweth, CIO of CDYNE Corporation. “Our goal is to make deploying SMS messaging for M2M applications easier and cheaper. To help with that we go beyond the technology to make it happen – we also are looking at the business side – at CDYNE there are no contracts, no startup fees, or no cancellation charges.”

About M2M DataSmart
M2M DataSmart is a wireless data service provider for the emerging machine-to-machine marketplace (M2M).  M2M DataSmart is a privately held company based in Del Mar, California. For more information, visit
Contact: David McCartney Tel: +1 858.337.0562 Email:

About CDYNE Corporation
Since 1999, CDYNE has provided enterprise Data Quality and Communications XML Web Services to solve the business need for real-time communication and data quality verification. Web Services include Phone Notify!, SMS Notify!, Postal Address Verification, Phone Verification, Email Verification, Demographics, CDYNE 411, Death Index, and IP2Geo. CDYNE billing is transaction-based and post-pay. Clients pay for only what is consumed, eliminating overage charges and unused credits. There are no contracts, startup fees, or cancellation charges. For more information, visit or call 1-800-984-3710.
Contact: Nicole Fesette Tel: (757) 544-9510 x3103 Email:

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