CDYNE’s Postal Address Verification API (PAV API) certification for CASS Cycle N comes over four months ahead of the United States Postal Service (USPS) expiration date of July 31, 2011 for CASS cycle M. Customers using the PAV API benefit from actively updating their address data against the USPS database to help avoid costly errors. Companies that are considering the benefits of validating the deliverability of a mail piece should consider the following:
Nearly one quarter of mail that goes through the USPS contains some kind of error. The most recent (2008) figures show that UAA (undeliverable-as-addressed) mail accounted for 2.72% or 5.4 billion mail pieces of the total volume of mail. Mail with inaccurate addresses is considered UAA mail and can result in the following:
· Forwarded or redirected mail, delaying delivery and response
· Returned mail, resulting in lost opportunity and revenue
· Discarded mail, ultimately causing a marketer to lose that customer completely
According to USPS estimates, nearly 1.8 billion mail pieces are sent to business addresses in large buildings without the correct suite number. At this point, delivery depends entirely on the carrier’s personal knowledge. If the carrier does not know where the mail should be delivered, it can end up as UAA. This problem can be solved with the USPS Suite Link product, which is included with CDYNE PAV API.  Suite Link facts:
· Suite Link appends correct suite numbers to known business addresses
· Addresses must be processed with CASS Certified software and identified as high-rise defaults to be candidates for Suite Link
· Suite Link is required with CASS Cycle N
· CASS vendors must deliver CASS Cycle N to customers no later than May 1, 2011
Why Run Addresses through CDYNE Postal Address Verification API?
· Reduce or eliminate UAA (undeliverable-as-addressed)
· Ensure the fastest possible delivery for your product or service
· Any mail claiming an automation-rate must have an address processed through CASS-Certified software to be eligible for discounts
· Test for free with a fully functional trial key
o Contact CDYNE at 1-800-984-3710, inquire or initiate a chat for details
What is CASS Certification?
· CASS stands for Coding Accuracy Support System
· It provides a benchmark by which software and hardware products can be tested to determine if they standardize and correct addresses in a consistent manner
· A product has to obtain a minimum score of 98.5% correction accuracy to be CASS Certified
· The CASS cycle, which is designated by a letter, runs from Aug. 1 to July 31
· CDYNE’s Postal Address Verification API is CASS Certified for the most recent cycle N

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