CDYNE PAV Now Offers Full Canadian Address Verification

CDYNE’s Postal Address Verification API now fully validates Canadian addresses. You can standardize, correct, and verify US and Canadian addresses in one step. The API has been renamed PAV, and is the perfect complement to the PAV-I API, which standardizes and validates international addresses.

There are two supported operations for Canadian address verification: VerifyAddress and VerifyAddressAdvanced. Only two return codes apply to Canadian addresses. A return code of 200 means that the address was verified. A return code of 202 means that the input address is confirmed for all components except for the secondary number. A return code of 10 means that the address could not be found or verified.

If you have Canadian addresses with missing zip codes, PAV can append the zip code of the address as long as the Canadian province name has been abbreviated at input. Please see image below for an example.

We will use the address 75 University Ave West, Waterloo, ON to emphasize PAV’s ability to append a missing zip code.

Address input with missing zip code:

Address output with appended zip code:

As you can see, the correct zip code has been added and the address yields a return code of 200, meaning that the address is verified.  The address is now prepared for optimum delivery as suggested by the Canada Post with the output address properly parsed in upper case fonts and the zip code separated after the first three characters.

For more information about CDYNE PAV, please contact an account representative at 1-800-984-3710, inquire by email, or initiate a chat for more details.

Or sign up for a free trial license key to test CDYNE PAV.

Developers find CDYNE PAV API integration details on the CDYNE developer’s wiki.

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