Avoid fraud, contact customers, keep students informed and more with CDYNE Phone Notification Service

Phone Notify! from CDYNE is an invaluable service useful in many very different industries – large and small organizations, nonprofits, privately and publicly held companies, universities, and more. Here are some of the innovative ways the service is used:

  • It’s great for schools to keep in touch with parents about truancy, weather emergencies and other school closings, PTA meetings and school events, fundraisers, and more.
  • Businesses can maintain adequate staffing by notifying employees of open shifts or shift changes and emergencies and contact customers with updates.
  • Sports organizations can keep players informed of practice times, game schedules, and cancellations.
  • Doctor’s offices use phone notification for appointment reminders and billing inquiries.
  • Retail companies or other organizations using online registration or purchase forms can use the service to verify customers prior to acceptance.

Virtually any organization can use Phone Notify! to improve communications and stay informed. One of CDYNE’s current clients is the State of Ohio, which uses the service to keep the Police Department connected. Some communities use phone notification to send descriptions of police suspects to their citizens to improve public safety.

The possibilities are endless. What would you do with phone notification?

The best part? CDYNE’s Phone Notify! is an XML-based Web service that can be integrated with your contact database and can be programmed to automatically make calls and return reports. It’s also interactive, so contacts can respond with the push of a button. Record your own sound files or use text-to-speech. Save money on large volume calling equipment: phone lines, computers, servers, etc.

And if you are not a programmer or don’t have access to one, you can still use the service in the form of cdynenotify.com, available entirely online. You can upload your sound files and lists and have the system make as many simultaneous calls as you like. Visit CDYNE.com for more information on Phone Notify! and other Web services.

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