CDYNE Phone Notify! featured in PC Magazine

by CDYNE Corporation
CDYNE Phone Notify! featured in PC Magazine

CDYNE Phone Notify! featured in PC Magazine.

Chesapeake, Virginia, April 18, 2007 – CDYNE Corporation’s Phone Notify! product is featured in the April Issue of PC Magazine.

PC Magazine’s article “Vista Made Easy: 50 Tips and Tricks” by PC Magazine provides quick tips and secrets about the Microsoft Vista operating system. CDYNE’s CTO Valentin Ivanov said, “We try to set aside time for fun projects that show off our emerging technology. The Phone Notify! gadget projects were fun for everyone on the team here.” One tip from the published PC Magazine article is shown below.

Hire a Robot Secretary
Get CDYNE Corp.’s Phone Notify! sidebar gadget from Microsoft’s gadget gallery. Then type a sentence and a phone number into its sidebar field and the tool will instantly translate your text into speech and place the call. Cool!

CDYNE offers a wide variety of Web Services to a large group of high profile clients while maintaining a relaxed atmosphere that allows us to experiment and display our ever changing technology and talent.

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