CDYNE Increases Phone Notification Capacity to 4000 Calls Per Minute

CDYNE Can Alert the Entire City of Calais, ME, in One Minute
Company Expands Dialing Capacity to 4000 Calls Per Minute in Response to High Demand
Chesapeake, VA (September 15, 2009) – CDYNE Corporation, a leading provider of data quality and communications XML Web Services since 1999, announced today that it has increased the automated dialing capacity for its Phone Notify! Web Service to approximately 4000 calls per minute to keep up with growing customer demand.
Phone Notify! sends calls over tier-one provider lines via a simple API connection. Clients can use their own recorded voice files or CDYNE’s text-to-speech to make one or thousands of calls at once. Phone Notify! XML Web Service operations are programmed into a client system using customizable options that fit individual business needs. Real-time reporting can be set to post call information to a client’s Web site or database. Once implemented, all that is needed to run the service is a computer or mobile device with an Internet connection.
CDYNE’s former capacity was large enough for all of its clients to send reminders, alerts, and other notifications instantaneously or in scheduled batches over the Web. But recent increases in use signifying projected growth for clients required that CDYNE expand quickly to prepare.
Phone Notify! is used by many high-profile CDYNE customers for functions ranging from delivery and international tariff notices to appointment reminders auto-dialed from patient management software.
“We have had no problem meeting client demand for Phone Notify!, but we saw the numbers and decided to increase capacity to prepare for near-future demand. These evaluations were based on current projections for many of our clients, whose businesses are growing quickly,” said Chris Chenoweth, CIO of CDYNE. “As our customers’ businesses expand, we will expand our Web Services as well to continue to meet their needs. We are thrilled to do so and look forward to continued partnerships with these dynamic companies.”
About CDYNE Corporation
Based in Chesapeake, VA, CDYNE has been a leading provider of Data Quality and Communications Web Services using XML-based technologies to ensure cross-platform compatibility since 1999. CDYNE Web Services include Phone and SMS Notify!; Postal Address, Phone and Email Verification; Demographics; CDYNE 411; Death Index; and IP2Geo. These services help prevent fraud in real-time on Web forms, append records, enable targeted marketing, and allow fast and easy contact in any situation. Programmed into client applications to enhance operations, CDYNE Web Services process information from CDYNE’s vast databases in fractions of a second. The Company’s transaction-based billing model saves clients money as they pay for only what is consumed – no contracts or hidden fees. CDYNE serves numerous industries including e-commerce/retail, sales/marketing, insurance, government, health care, and finance. For more information, visit or call 1-800-984-3710.
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