CDYNE releases new Directory Assistance 411 Web Service

New US and Canada Directory Assistance Web Service provides information about businesses and residents
Feb 13, 2008, Chesapeake, VA. CDYNE Corporation, a leading provider of XML Web service solutions, which encompass a wide range of data enhancement, data verification, and communications tools releases a new services so businesses can identify and append missing contact information. CDYNE Corporation is dedicated to IT organizations and offers all of its services strictly as XML Web Services only. Software as a Service and Data as a Service have proved to be very lucrative for CDYNE and the SOAP model continues to grow in exponential demand due to its low maintenance and low cost.
Lead Scoring and Validation without the expense

Validate consumer and business addresses, phone numbers and names at point-of-entry. Spend less time on fraudulent leads and focus on vaild information. Qualified leads with valid information are considered more likely to convert to clients and can be processed more efficiently if identified quickly.
Ideal for data quality
Address verification can easily standaradize and correct a known good address, but what if you do not have the address, or what if it is so incorrect that you cannot use a standard address verification product to cleanse it? By utilizing CDYNE 411 you have the ability to fix this problem at point of entry or as the address enters your database.
Featured quotes
“This service has been very popular and has a great following in the short time of its release” said William Chenoweth, VP Director of Marketing CDYNE Corporation. “We here at CDYNE feel that this is because we offer directory assistance information as an XML Web Service, making the limits of directory assistance endless and rewarding. Companies are finding new cost effective ways to utilize this service every day. “
CDYNE 411 features and benefits:
– Delivers statistical data about customers
– Directory Information can be obtained from name, address, phone number or a combination
– Over 200 million records in the United States and Canada
– Enables point-of-entry processing or batch processing (can be used in any business process)
CDYNE Corporation is a leading provider of Web service solutions, which encompass a wide range of data enhancement, data verification, and communications tools. CDYNE has been developing and marketing Web services since 1999. CDYNE’s first products were developed using XML-based languages to ensure cross-platform compatibility, which is the essence of true Web services. CDYNE’s Postal Address Verification and Correction service was developed to solve the need for real-time address data cleansing without the need to have clients buy, store, program, and maintain the enormous United States Postal Service database. CDYNE Corporation’s transaction-based billing model was developed with that product to allow clients to buy only what is consumed, affording them further savings. CDYNE Corporation continued to develop and release Web services products, such as Email Verification, Phone Verification, and IP2Geo during the following years. This wide range of products allowed the company to expand its client base across numerous industries such as E-Commerce, Sales and Marketing, Insurance, Retail, Utilities, Healthcare, and Banking and Finance. For more:
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Media Contacts:
William Chenoweth
VP Director of Marketing
CDYNE Corporation
(757) 544-9515

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