Communication Key for American Independence

by CDYNE Corporation
Communication Key for American Independence

Americans celebrate our Independence on July 4th, but what if there had been miscommunication between the Founding Fathers? Effective communication played a bigger role in American Independence than most people would think. So before we celebrate the freedom of our great nation this weekend let’s take a look at two examples of good communication that could have changed the country as we know it if they had gone wrong.

Liberty4th-of-julyAs children we are taught that the Declaration of Independence was signed on the July 4th 1776 and that is why we celebrate America’s birthday on that date each year. What most people don’t know is that the document was drafted the day we declared independence which was actually two days earlier and that the final document wasn’t signed by all Founding Fathers until August 2nd of that year. So why July 4th? It was after two days of revising that Congress finally approved the final draft of the Declaration of Independence and July 4th was the day the document was printed for all to see.  So although the country would have still become independent it’s a good thing they chose July 4th as the official date, July 2nd or August 2nd just doesn’t have the same ring to it!

jefferson-drafts-declaration-hero-AThe second case of good communication that could have affected the founding of America occurred during the Revolutionary War. Paul Revere was given specific instructions on how to secretly alert the American Revolutionaries on how the British would be attacking. This secret code was made to help the Americans keep the advantage, He was told “One if by land, two if by sea”. So when the British did finally arrive he was able to hang the correct number of lanterns and help the Americans win the battle and eventually the war.

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