Customer Communications Management (CCM)

Do you have a unified plan for communicating with your customers? With all of the possible channels for staying in touch and marketing your products or services, communication can get fragmented.  And inconsistent methods can be costly and time-consuming, and may convey the wrong message to your client base. That’s the last thing you want to do in a tough economy with customer attrition at an all-time high.

CRMs are helpful in keeping information in the same place, but you can use communications and data quality Web Services to help automate your process, making your CCM efficient and potentially revenue generating.

XML Web Services can be implemented directly into your Web site or database to clean addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses at point of entry; flag and correct misinformation and typos; and call or send text messages to your customers whenever notification is a necessary component of your communications plan.  Once implemented, it’s easy for any employee given access to take advantage of the services.

Your campaign can be ready to go as soon as a customer is input in the system.  Send an automatic welcome message to a verified email address. Follow up with a coupon in the mail to a validated residence.  Create automated phone or mail reminders based on sign-up dates.

Customize your service to your valued clients from the moment they come to you, and they will more likely stay. The customer has a great deal of power, increasing with every new social media and competitive edge that makes it to the marketplace.  And you can work with that power instead of fighting it, automatically creating individualized campaigns to retain your customers – right from your own system.

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