Cyber Monday: The Right Way

by CDYNE Corporation
Cyber Monday: The Right Way

With Thanksgiving tomorrow the holiday season has officially begun.  In preparation for Christmas hordes of customers flock to stores to get the best sales on presents for loved ones. Cue Black Friday. Well, people got tired of waking up early, fighting their way through traffic and waiting in long checkout lines. Hence the creation of Cyber Monday. Why go through the hassle when you could make all your holiday purchases from the comfort of your own home while eating Thanksgiving leftovers? It’s a wonder with the sheer amount of online orders made that Monday how packages aren’t delivered to the wrong people. Businesses can avoid incorrect deliveries by utilizing CDYNE’s Postal Address Verification Data Quality API.

Postal Address Verification (PAV) is one of CDYNE’s many premier Data Quality APIs. PAV takes addresses entered by customers and checks them against the U.S. Postal Service’s database. The address comes back in correct form with extensive data including missing address information, zip code +4, carrier route and 5-digit coding. Each address is also flagged as business or residential to help plan delivery routes more efficiently.  Below is the example of data returned when using PAV:pav-sample

The most important feature of PAV is that it’s CASS™ Certified which requires of 98.5% accuracy. PAV is available for both the U.S. and Canada. Using this certification allows to help you refine your customer records and eliminate undelivered mail. And did we mention by using PAV you automatically qualify for postal discounts!

Use Postal Address Verification this holiday season to save time and money while making sure someone’s holiday is unforgettable.

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