Deliver Relevant Communications to Customers and Clients

CDYNE Phone Notify! API is an automated API phone notification system that allows IT departments to build voice applications to deliver relevant communications to customers and clients.  It has the ability to send or receive up to 5,000 tier-1 quality phone calls per minute using text to speech (TTS) in multiple languages, recorded files, or both. With over 50 programming methods, you can build powerful applications that will handle complex phone scripts, send immediate or scheduled phone calls, respond to call actions in real time, and manage call lists. Phone Notify! allows programmers to send automated phone alerts, conduct phone surveys, perform conference calls, and integrate custom business applications into their existing system.


There are over 50 Phone Notify! programming operations available to build and integrate voice applications into your system. They can be categorized into the list shown below. Additionally, a detailed operation list by category may be found here.

  • Send and Receive Phone Calls
  • Status Report Management
  • Script Management
  • Sound File Management
  • List Management



Tutorials 1 and 2 use C# in Visual Studio 2010. You may find additional source code examples and download code examples from the Phone Notify! developer’s wiki. The script samples show advance scripting features that are available with Phone Notify! API.

Build an appointment reminder using NotifyPhoneBasic and RecordSoundViaPhoneCall methods

Integrate conference calls using NotifyPhoneAdvanced, SetIncomingCallScript, and CancelConference methods

An advanced scripting example for automated phone reminders

Additional scripting examples for a political poll, school announcement, registration confirmation, survey, and recording sound files may be found on the CDYNE developer’s wiki.

For more information about CDYNE Phone Notify! API, please contact an account representative at 1-800-984-3710, inquire by email, or initiate a chat for more details.

Or sign up for a free trial license key to test CDYNE Phone Notify! API.

Developers find CDYNE Phone Notify! API integration details on the CDYNE developer’s wiki.

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