Flexibility and Reduced Change Management in Your IT Department

Change management. A horror term for IT managers and CIOs alike. Thinking about all the time that will be spent training and explaining the latest software installation can make IT leaders want to avoid the hassle altogether.
That’s the great quality of Web services, though: the ability to avoid major change management campaigns and integrate new technologies into current architectures.

CDYNE XML Web Services are flexible, automatically updated, and operate within most systems no matter the programming language used. They work with what you have, and require very little training of users. Web services are an add-on for your current system, to make your data work harder and automate the annoying little tasks and processes that are so time-consuming for short-staffed companies these days.

Stick with what you have and enhance it. It saves money – especially on the CDYNE transaction-based billing model, which is post-pay so you only pay for what you use. Use Web Services as a communication, fraud prevention, or data enhancement add-on to add value to your business, for customers and staff. Increase efficiency and build your customer records with useful and revenue-generating information. Automatically call clients with reminders and notifications. Add demographic data to your customer database for targeted marketing. Look up addresses, phone numbers, and names for matching (fraud prevention) and skip tracing.

Flexibility is key in the current business IT environment, and enterprise IT is adopting Web services across the board to deliver the technology the business needs in the short (and formerly unrealistic) time frame non-tech execs depend on.

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