Gartner and Forrester Predict Further Drops in IT Spending, Recovery End of Year

From predictions of a 3.8% drop at the beginning of the year, Gartner has reassessed the numbers and is now projecting a drop of 6%, according to  Gartner expects a recovery beginning in the 3rd quarter of this year, and a modest increase in spending for the IT industry in 2010.  Things are tough all over, but hardware will be hid the hardest, according to the reports.

Forrester takes it a step further with a prediction of a 10% drop in IT spending worldwide. In an article on, a researcher from Forrester is quoted as saying that things will improve in the 4th quarter when executives realize they overreacted in the first quarter.

Don’t cut back on all of your spending for IT – it’s too important to your organization.  Just be careful about what you spend on.  Major software installations that require staff training are not in your best interest now.  Consider services and platforms that work on the Web and allow you to customize and use as necessary.  Adaptability is key in lowering IT costs.

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