Gartner Predicted Cloud Computing Industry-Changing Potential

In June of 2008, Gartner, Inc., released a special report that predicted that cloud computing would be on par with e-business in level of influence over the business world. A little over a year later, we can say definitively that Gartner was right.

In a press release from the research giant last summer, Gartner’s definition of cloud computing was a “style of computing where massively scalable IT-related capabilities are provided ‘as a service’ using Internet technologies to multiple external customers.” The report claims that this new technology would allow businesses to focus on the actual service being provided rather than how it is implemented.

While we at CDYNE often put the focus on implementation, because we want people to realize just how easy it is to plug in to CDYNE Web Services, we agree with Gartner’s assessment. What’s truly important is what customers are getting out of the service, not simply how they are using it. CDYNE offers Communications and Data Quality solutions that are applicable in any industry, to anyone who wants to contact customers, verify leads, update billing information, match identities to avoid fraud, monitor equipment or emergency situations, add valuable marketing information to their databases, and generally arm themselves with more useful information with which to conduct their businesses.

Look into CDYNE for your communication and data quality needs, and modernize your business with information automation. Join the cloud computing revolution.

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Regards, Team CDYNE

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