Green Data?

We’re almost to the point in the business world when reducing our carbon footprint is standard operating procedure. It’s not quite mainstream yet, but businesses are taking more steps to go green to lower their impact on the environment, retain more customers, and save money/increase revenue based on less waste.

It can be hard to begin the “greening” process, however.  Where do you start?  How expensive will it be?  Do you have to perform costly construction on your office space or change the way your energy is being used?  Not necessarily. All the little steps add up, and even tiny actions can make a difference.

Did you know that keeping your data clean can be a green act? However you go about it, if you can reduce or eliminate duplicate mailings, undeliverables, and deceased person contacts from your direct mail campaign, you can save paper, time, energy (printers, sorting machinery, people, etc.), and money.

It’s pretty easy to scrub your data these days. You can send out emails to customers to keep them updated; you can use a smart CRM, or a Web Service that runs periodic and point-of-entry data quality on your contacts; or you can send your list out regularly to get it cleaned. There are many options and there is sure to be one that fits your business model.

Think about it. If you’re wondering where to get started in green corporate practice, start with your data.

  • Target your audience more specifically, with:
    • Customer surveys and communication
    • Demographic information
    • Segmented e-newsletter verticals
  • Produce less waste
  • Reduce customer frustration with irrelevant or misdirected mailings
  • And generally save time, energy, and money in practicing data quality initiatives.


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