How to be a 21st century company

Will your company be a leader in 2010 and beyond? It’s not a risk, it’s an opportunity.

What are the characteristics of a 21st century business?

The 21st century company is a flexible entity that values human resources, maximizes efficiency in every turn, and uses proven cutting edge technology to easily adapt to changing models in the business sphere and move forward towards greater profit and a strong reputation in the field in any economy. The 21st century business is info-centric, because information is power only if you use it well.

The tools of Web 2.0 can help your business achieve 21st century characteristics:


Interacting with customers through blogs, live chat, and social networking forums is one way to build trust and foster customer relationships with the company.  Letting them choose the way you communicate with them is another.  Give your customers options: email, blog, chat, phone and text messaging – and provide the one-on-one communication so important to customer retention.


Keep your valuable information up to date, accessible and consistent with Web Services.  Automate repetitive tasks and you stay on top of your game. Add new services and adapt your system to constant changes in technology by using modular applications that can be added into your system easily, without continual overhaul or replacement of expensive systems.  Stay flexible and manage your data to maintain that leading edge.

The 21st century company:

· Manages the flow of information with consistency and accessibility

· Protects and maximizes valuable data for company and customer benefit

· Generates superior customer service with offerings that anticipate customer needs

· Integrates new services and upgrades in modular form with its current system to avoid needless (and expensive) overhauls

· Allows its staff to do their best work by automating basic time-consuming tasks

· Adapts to the constantly changing marketplace easily, being proactive instead of reactive


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