How to tell if you’re dead

The government knows.  It always knows.  The Social Security Administration has a whole file dedicated to it.  Maybe a little creepy to think about, but be glad this file exists.  For one, if you die and someone pretends to be you, it’s a lot easier to pin down and prosecute for your children’s posterity, so they don’t lose their inheritance.

It also conveniently works for you while you’re alive, if you run a business. There’s a type of criminal out there that focuses purely on this kind of fraud, called “deceased person identity theft.”  And you could easily be a victim if you don’t have the records to screen for it.

One of our favorite Web Services, the Death Index API taps right into that SSA file and runs names and Social Security Numbers of your customers and patients against it in real time.  So you can say to the fake customer standing in front of you at the counter, “Wow, you’re looking pretty good for a dead guy!”

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