Phone Notify! Change how CallerID is handled

CDYNE’s Phone Notify! API has had multiple requests to automatically populate the callerID variable when receiving invalid requests.

Let’s say you give your customer the ability to control the callerID for outgoing phone calls with a set of rules governing what constitutes a valid caller ID number. They do not listen and use a number that is invalid, this creates an issue with the CDYNE Phone Notify! API returning ‘Invalid CallerID’ resulting in a failed call.

Invalid numbers:
You can check phone number validity here. (use license key zero ‘0’)

You cannot call a phone number and use that same phone number in the callerID.
You cannot represent any phone number that is not under your control.
Movie phone numbers starting with 555.
Or phone numbers that are not even in the approved American Phone Number Database.

Valid Format for CDYNE Phone Notify’s ‘CallerID’ in the United States:
CDYNE will automatically scrub regular phone number scenarios.

A 10 digit number that you own xxxxxxxxxx
A 10 digit number with dashes xxx-xxx-xxxx
a 10 digit number with parenthesis (xxx)xxxxxxx
a 10 digit number with parenthesis and dashes (xxx)xxx-xxxx


Change effective January 14 2015  at 12:00 AM.

When an invalid number is entered, CDYNE will automatically replace the Caller ID variable with 1-866-665-4386. This is our certified replay line. When anyone calls this number back, it will play replay the original message you sent to them. This will not work if they call back from a different phone. We are able to locate messages based on incoming phone numbers. If a random phone calls the 866 replay line, they will receive a message stating ‘We were unable to identify your phone number, please call back from the line in which you relieved the notification.’

This change will not affect any current users that specify the callerID field properly, this only affects clients that have issues with sending a proper callerID variable.

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