Is a DID Required When Using CDYNE SMS Notify! API?

One question we often get asked is, “Is a DID required to use your SMS Notify! API?” The short answer is yes. Every SMS Notify! account comes with one dedicated DID, which is an SMS-enabled phone number that allows you to send text messages. DIDs are useful for low volume, person-to-person text messaging, but more importantly they provide two key benefits:

  1. Build your application with the SMS Notify! API while implementing a dedicated short code
  2. Use DIDs as a backup system to short codes when a carrier is not supported

SMS Notify! uses DIDs and short codes to send and receive text messages from and to your application. Dedicated short codes take time for carrier approval and launch, but companies can still build and test their application with SMS Notify! by using DIDs.

DID Text Messaging Best Practices

  1. DIDs are meant for low volume, person-to-person text messaging. The SMS Notify! API throttles outgoing text messages at a rate of 1 message every two seconds per DID.
  2. CDYNE recommends not sending more than 500 outgoing text messages per DID per day. Sending more than this may put you at risk of the carriers flagging your DID traffic. If your volume per DID is higher than 500 per day, please contact CDYNE to add more DIDs to your account to balance the message load.
  3. Marketing messages are not allowed on DIDs. CDYNE offers short code text messaging for marketing messages. Please contact CDYNE for more short code details.

DIDs for Short Code Backup

CDYNE offers DIDs for low-volume, non-marketing messaging  which makes a nice backup to short codes in the case a carrier is not supported on the short code. This is an optional feature that can be set up during the short code sign up process.

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