Manage Residential and Business Addresses with RDI

More than 90% of the 140 million Postal Service’s delivery points are classified as residential. RDI, or Residential Delivery Indicator is a USPS delivery type status that flags an address as residential or business. Because some delivery companies charge more for residential deliveries, the biggest advantage of knowing the RDI for an address is the ability to shop for the most cost-effective delivery option. Some of the benefits of identifying an address as residential or business include:

  • Reduce residential delivery surcharges
  • Lower shipping charges by price-shopping for a service that meets your needs
  • Enhance Customer Relationship Management (CRM) by demonstrating efficient and accurate shipping practices
  • Identify shipping patterns to improve operational efficiency
  • Providing online rate-shopping services on websites

CDYNE PAV API includes an optional RDI flag free of charge. It can be returned with VerifyAddressAdvanced method by setting the parameter “ReturnResidentialIndicator” to “True.” If the address is a residence, PAV will return “N,” and if it is a business, PAV will return “Y.” The following is an example showing an address classified as a business.


505 independence pkwy, chesapeake, va 23320
Return Residential Indicator: True


Residential Delivery Indicator: N

For more information about CDYNE PAV, please contact an account representative at 1-800-984-3710, inquire by email, or initiate a chat for more details.

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Developers find CDYNE PAV API integration details on the CDYNE developer’s wiki.

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