Microsoft Build 2016

by CDYNE Corporation
Microsoft Build 2016

Build (5)Last week the annual Build Conference was held by Microsoft in San Francisco and CDYNE was fortunate enough to be able to send a team of developers. They were kind enough to share some of the insights on the major changes that are coming up in Microsoft. I met with two CDYNE developers, Mark and Neil, who attended the conference and shared some of the updates that interested them most.

Mark was excited about a couple of the upgrades that Microsoft is making to their products. The first is the introduction of Power BI Embedded. While Power BI is meant to help developers visualize and understand data, Power BI Embedded allows them to use this tool in custom web apps. He was also pleased to learn that Microsoft’s Xamarin, meant for developing cross platform apps, has now become more accessible with Microsoft’s decision to make it available at no charge for all Visual Studio customers.
Build (3)

There were also some changes that Mark found surprising. One was The Windows Subsystem for Linux that will be integrated in Windows 10 basically inserting Linux tools into the Windows platform allowing them to run natively. He was also surprised by how helpful the new Skype Bots were with their ability to assist a user in planning everyday events more efficiently. It is clear that Microsoft’s current goal is to improve usability and efficiency with all the modifications being made to their products.

Neil mentioned some other upgrades that Microsoft is doing that were of interest to him. For Neil, the most exciting enhancement was the introduction of .Net Core 1.0 which has become significantly more easy to use. It is now more customizable prevent extra unnecessary files to open with new projects. Net Core 1.0 also eliminates the extra steps that used to be required for including styling by initially containing a json file where CSS can be included which allows developer to save time. Net Core 1.0 is now compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux. He was also intrigued by Microsoft’s new Typescript feature that allows developers to catch preventable glitches early on. Which he says might be a small change, but will make a tremendous impact on developers.

The final introduction he recalled was the Cognitive Services. Now equipped with years of artificial intelligence it has vision, text, voice and emotion recognition. Neil mentioned two demos from this presentation. The first was of a young child reading a book who was difficult to understand because of her pronunciations. The voice recognition software was able to understand and pick it up accurately. The second was of a blind developer using his glasses to describe his surroundings and other’s emotions with a swipe of his finger. This new product could change peoples’ lives forever.

Our team of developers thBuild (4)at attended are very excited about all the improvements Microsoft is making and are glad they got to experience them firsthand. All of the presentations from 2016’s Build Conference are available for viewing Here. We can only imagine what new technology evolves in time for next year’s conference!