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Memorial Day Sale!

Memorial Day Sale!

As Memorial Day approaches, media becomes saturated with advertisements all competing for our attention for the various upcoming sales with the biggest sales occurring in the automobile industry. With the amount of running ads, it is hard to tell if your marketing efforts are going to good use. How can you know if customers are hearing your message?


Star Wars Day

Star Wars Day

The fateful day has come….


Many die hard Star Wars fans recognize May 4th as Star Wars day in honor of the timeless Jedi saying “May the Force Be With You” But everyone here at CDYNE has important intergalactic question for you…

Will you celebrate “May the Fourth Be With You” supporting the Jedi or….“Revenge of the Fifth” in support of the Sith?textualtees_revenge-of-the-5th_1460697259.fullStar Wars Day-black_360px

Shall we take a vote?

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Votes will be tallied until 5:30 on May 5th and the results posted May 6th

Which side will take the victory?
Check back on May 6th to find out how this epic battle ends.



In the event of…

In the event of…

Its common knowledge that planning any type of event is no small feat. Every minuscule detail needs to be perfect for the event to go off without a hitch. And if we are being honest that rarely happens. What does every event need during the planning process to make it smoother you ask?

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Microsoft Build 2016

by CDYNE Corporation
Microsoft Build 2016

Last week the annual Build Conference was held by Microsoft in San Francisco and CDYNE was fortunate enough to be able to send a team of developers. They were kind enough to share some of the insights on the major changes that are coming up in Microsoft. I met with two CDYNE developers, Mark and Neil, who attended the conference and shared some of the updates that interested them most.