Part 4: CDYNE Postal Address Verification VerifyAddressAdvanced Operation

In addition to validating whether an address is deliverable, this programming operation returns a host of optional information at no extra charge including geolocation, legislative, census, and mailing industry information. These options can be turned on with a true value within the web service call (the default value is set to false). The advantage of the VerifyAddressAdvanced Operation is the ability to customize the data return according to your business needs.

The following examples break down the complete data returns available with the VerifyAddressAdvanced method. The first section shows the default information returned. You will find detailed information about parameter definitions in the Postal Address Verification Spec Sheet.

VerifyAddress Input

VerifyAddress Output

Firm: Cdyne

Primary Address Line: 2125 smith ave

Secondary Address Line: 200

City: chesapeake

State: va

Zip: 23320


Primary Address Line: 2125 Smith Ave Ste 200

Secondary Address Line: 200

City: Chesapeake

State: VA

Zip: 23320-2518

Country: USA


County Number: 550

Finance Number: 511750

Intelligent Mail Barcode Key: ZTVQibvZk2Jrcsi387W33A==

Multiple Matches: (null)

PMB Designator:

PMB Number:

Post Directional:

Postnet Barcode: f233202518509f

Pre Directional:

Preferred City Name: Chesapeake

Primary: 2125

Primary Delivery Line: 2125 Smith Ave Ste 200

Primary EO: O

Primary High: 2125

Primary Low: 2125

Return Code: 100

Secondary: 200

Secondary Abbreviation: STE

Secondary Delivery Line: 200

Secondary EO: E

Secondary High: 202

Secondary Low: 100

State Abbreviation: VA

Street Name: SMITH

City: Chesapeake

Suffix: AVE


Zip Code: 23320-2518

Within the VerifyAddressAdvanced method is the option to set certain requests to a “True” value to obtain additional information. They include:

  • Return Case Sensitive – a value set to “True” will return proper case formatting instead of the USPS standardized all caps formatting.
  • Return Census Info – a value set to “True” will return census information including CMSA, Census Block Number, Census Tract Number, FIPS, MA, MSA, and PMSA.
  • Return City Abbreviation
  • Return Geo Location – a value set to “True” will return area code, latitude/longitude, daylight savings status, and time zone.
  • Return Legislative Info – a value set to “True” will return congressional district number and state legislative lower and upper numbers.
  • Return Mailing Industry Info – a value set to “True” will return carrier route, delivery point, DPV, eLOT, LACS Link, and Suite Link values and return codes.
  • Return Residential Indicator – a value set to “True” will identify whether an address is classified as residential or business. A return value of “Y” means the address is residential, and “N” designates a commercial address.
  • Return Street Abbreviated


The chart below shows the associated data returns when any of these requests is set to “True.” Otherwise, no data is returned.

Optional Data Returns When Set to True

Return Case Sensitive: True

City Name: Chesapeake

Preferred City Name: Chesapeake

Primary Delivery Line: 2125 Smith Ave Ste 200

Return Census Info: True

CMSA: 5720

Census Block Number: 4001

Census Tract Number: 0208.01

FIPS: 51550

MA: 572

MSA: 5720


Return City Abbreviation: True

Return Geolocation: True

Area Code: 757

Avg Latitude: 36.796768

Avg Longitude: -76.228590

From Latitude: 36.794937

From Longitude: -76.228590

Has Daylight Savings: True

Time Zone: EST

To Latitude: 36.798599

To Longitude: -76.228590

Return Legislative Info: True

Congressional District Number: 04

State Legislative Lower: 090

State Legislative Upper: 014

Return Mailing Industry Info: True

CS Key: X26324

Carrier Route: C006

Check Digit: 9

Default Flag: False

Delivery Point: 50

Dpv Confirmation Indicator: Y

Dpv Crma Indicator: N

Dpv Footnote 1: AA

Dpv Footnote 2: BB

Dpv Footnote 3:

Dpv No Stat Indicator: N

Dpv Vacant Indicator: N

ELOT Asc Desc: A

ELOT Sequence Number: 0122

Ews Flag: False

LACS Flag:

LACS Indicator:

LACS Return Code:

Record Type Code: H

SuiteLink Return Code: A

Return Residential Indicator: True

Residential Delivery Indicator: N

Return Street Abbreviated: True

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For more information about CDYNE Postal Address Verification, please contact an account representative at 1-800-984-3710, inquire by email, or initiate a chat for more details.

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