Send SMS to Over 200 Countries & 800 Carriers

SMS Notify! supports text messaging worldwide with the potential to reach over 5 billion people globally.  You can reach this network of mobile users by purchasing a UK DID for assignment to your SMS Notify! license key. When you pass a phone number with 011 + the country code, the API will automatically use the UK DIDs assigned to the license key for sending the text messages.

Unicode Support

Another great feature is Unicode support. Unicode is a standard for handling text in all writing systems, and allows you to send text messages in many languages. It provides a unique number for every character, and allows text data to pass through many systems regardless of the platform, computer program, or programming language used. You should note that that the receiving device determines which characters it will display. While it may support Unicode, it may not display all Unicode characters.

Unicode covers any language that can be written in a script (e.g. Latin, Greek, Cyrillic, Han, etc.), which is an inventory of graphical symbols.  For example, a single script such as Latin may be used to write hundreds of languages (e.g. English, Spanish, and West Germanic), whereas a single language like Japanese may use multiple scripts including Han, Hiragana, and Katakana.

Which Encoding Does SMS Notify! Support?

To send Unicode messages using SMS Notify!, set the IsUnicode parameter to True in the AdvancedSMSSend method. The API supports UTF-16, which is a character encoding for Unicode. Unicode text messages are 70 characters per transaction. Non-Unicode messages are 160 characters.
By default the IsUnicode parameter is set to False. In this instance, SMS Notify! supports Latin-9, or ISO/IEC 8859-15 encoding which are 160 characters per transaction.

A Couple of Tips for Sending International Text Messages

  • 011 + country code + phone number in the PhoneNumber parameter when sending messages outside of the U.S. and Canada. SMS Notify! will automatically send from your International DIDs.
  • Some international carriers use spam-filters which block messages based on content. Check out the Carrier Restrictions tab (Excel doc) for more details.


Contact CDYNE for more information about Extended International SMS coverage.

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