Set Auto-Response Text Messages to Incoming SMS

Below is a web application using C# / .Net environment. This example is used to set an auto response message when you have received an incoming/response message to your SMS Notify! DID.  An auto response message can be utilized to confirm/send pin numbers for banking accounts, account balances, or
subscription status.

First you will need to define your variable you will use to store the information that CDYNE posts to the live PostBackURL you have associated with your DID or defined within your request.

Next you will need to add code to tell your page what variable is associated with each parameter value that CDYNE sends to your page.

Once you the above information is posted to your page, you will need to check to make sure the incoming/response message is not sent from your DID.  This will help avoid creating a SMS loop within your PostBack page.

After your page confirms the message was not sent from your DID, all that is needed is a SimpleSMSSend request as shown below to send out your auto response message to phone number that sent the incoming/response message.


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