Summer Vacation!

Summer Vacation!

With the start of the summer imminent there is only one thing on everyone’s mind….vacation!  With the increased competition in the travel agency industry advertising efforts become crucial. An extremely important aspect of advertising is targeting the right audience to improve return on investment. Using two of CDYNE’s Data Quality APIs will help finding a successful target audience much easier.

The first useful Data Quality API is our IP2Geo Service. IP2Geo can be used to geographically locate the IP address of people that visited your website. Once receiving the geographical location, you could then use our Demographics API. With Demographics you can pull information such as the population make up and other important facts about that region. You then would analyze the data to see if there is a correlation between the area of the IP and a specific vacation destination.summer vacay 1

After analyzing the data, if a large number of people from the same region seem to favor a particular vacation destination you could then send targeted ads with that vacation spot to the surrounding area. This is likely to increase the amount of people seeing your ad and ultimately booking vacations through your agency.

So this summer help someone book their ideal vacation through your agency via successful advertising with the help of CDNE’s IP2Geo and Demographics.

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