Super Tuesday CDYNE Style

Super Tuesday CDYNE Style

Today is Super Tuesday and voting season is in full swing. Interested in taking your own poll? Use CDYNE’s Phone Notify! to send out voice messages and collect survey data to lists of phone numbers of your choice.

Once you’ve signed up for a Phone Notify! account there are just a few simple steps needed to start surveying others for either political or business purposes.
After logging into your new account you would need to set up a PostBack URL. This is a URL specified by you to be the location of data from your calls to be collected. After recipients key in their responses you are able to collect and analyze the data to see which result was most popular while storing the results using your PostBack URL with the DigitsDialed Parameter.

The next necessary step is to create a phone list. This is a list of contacts containing phone numbers and names as well as other information of the people you wish to hear your message and complete your survey. You can upload a previously made lists, copy and paste lists or add contacts to lists individually. This would need to be completed utilizing our NotifyPhoneAdvanced method and PhoneNumberToDial Parameter.

The third step is to create a request to send out your calls. Here you select the phone list(s) this specific call will be sent to and add content for the call. You can add content by uploading or recording a sound file or writing scripts to be read by a text-to-speech voice.

In the call script is where you would prompt the call recipients to enter their answer to the question you are asking. For example: if you were taking a political poll you would ask the recipient to press ‘1’ for the first candidate, ‘2’ for the second candidate and so on.  Once all the settings are complete the calls will be queued and either sent immediately or at the date and time you scheduled. All that’s left is to do is view the results!

Join the trend this Tuesday and send out a poll of your own. Narrow down the candidates whether that be for the presidential election or for your most popular product.
Get started using Phone Notify! today! Call CDYNE at 757-544-9510 to learn more and get in touch with a representative.