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Say It in Spanish, Canadian French, and German: CDYNE Phone Notify! API Features Three New Text-To-Speech Voices

CDYNE has upgraded its existing text-to-speech (TTS) voices, as well as added three new voices to the text-to-speech engine. With the addition of TTS voices Miguel, Jean-Pierre, and Matthias, your business can add scalable, multilingual, and customizable voice calls to your application. All voices have an 8kHz sampling rate. This is best suited to telephony applications because it eliminates the overhead that is incurred when using voices of a higher sampling rate.

New voices details:

  • Miguel (Americas Spanish), Male, Age 30 –  sample
  • Jean-Pierre (Canadian French) , Male, Age 30 – sample
  • Matthias (German) , Male, Age 30 – sample

All voices may be found here.

CDYNE’s text-to-speech engine converts raw text to written-out words, and then assigns phonetic transcriptions to those words. Text-to-speech can also be combined with recorded .wav files to create relevant call scripts according to your phone messaging web service needs. Call 704-323-7777 to listen to a sample recorded file and text-to-speech example.

Request a trial key to test Phone Notify! API for free by calling 1-800-984-3710, inquire or initiate a chat.


Press Release: Web Services Help Medical Practices Upgrade to Healthcare 2.0.

Web Services Help Medical Practices Upgrade to Healthcare 2.0.
Appointment Reminder and Verification Features Go Fully Automatic
Chesapeake, VA (March 1, 2009) – From efficiency in patient contact to real-time identity theft prevention, Web Services can quickly improve the bottom line for medical management software developers and healthcare practices. Veteran API provider CDYNE Corporation is working with health IT developers to create usable solutions for fraud and communications issues that are a major part of health technology initiatives – for compliance and progress.
With simple add-ons to medical management software, appointment reminders and patient screening integrate with existing software to increase customer retention and attrition for the manufacturer and benefits for the health practice – without a system overhaul. Web Services help hospitals and practices improve patient communication and automate routine tasks. With patient validation at sign-in, Web Services can enhance identity theft prevention plans required by the FTC.
“For medical management software makers, the easiest way to add value and stay flexible with their offering is to plug new services into the current application,” said Christopher Chenoweth, CIO of CDYNE Corporation. “Automated phone and SMS messages and data quality Web Services add function and increase customer satisfaction with short development time, and manufacturers can profit from reselling additional services as a premium to their customers.”
CDYNE hosts secure, high-quality APIs that software developers and in-house staff can use to maximize practice efficiency. Phone and SMS Notify help decrease appointment no-shows and late bill payments and improve service. Death Index, 411, and other data services reduce fraud, aid compliance, and keep records up to date.
CDYNE offers free trial keys. A dedicated healthcare IT page focuses on appointment reminder features, and developers that sign up for Phone/SMS Notify receive fraud prevention Web Services with $0 monthly fee and reduced transaction rates.
About CDYNE Corporation
Since 1999, CDYNE has provided enterprise data quality and communications XML Web Services. APIs include Phone and SMS Notify!; Postal Address, Phone and Email Verification; Demographics; CDYNE 411; Death Index; and IP2Geo. CDYNE APIs reduce fraud in real-time, scrub and enhance data, and simplify contact. Programmed into client applications, CDYNE Web Services automatically process information from our vast databases in milliseconds. There are no contracts or hidden fees. For more information, visit, live chat with staff, view our blog, or call 1-800-984-3710.