Text Messaging with Shared and Dedicated Long Numbers Using CDYNE SMS Notify! API

CDYNE SMS Notify! API is a versatile Web Service that allows businesses to send 2-way text messages worldwide through an SMS gateway using shared and/or dedicated long numbers. A long number (i.e. 757-544-9510) is a 10-digit phone number, and is an alternative method to short codes for sending outbound and receiving inbound SMS text messages. Customers using CDYNE SMS Notify! API can connect to a bank of shared long numbers, order dedicated long numbers (DIDs), or use a combination of both to support their business needs. Here is a quick overview of each option:

Shared Long Numbers

By using the SimpleSMS or AdvancedSMS request, users can pass their license key, phone number, and text message to CDYNE SMS Notify! API which will send the message(s) through a bank of randomly generated long numbers.  Text messages sent out this way will come from different phone numbers.

Dedicated Long Numbers

A significant feature of SMS Notify! API is the option for customers to purchase exclusively assigned long numbers, or DIDs. They allow inbound messaging for companies requiring Mobile Originated (MO) messages from customers or subscribers.

Customers may request a randomly generated DID, or specify the area code of the phone number.  Customers may purchase a single DID to be assigned to the license key or multiple DIDs to be assigned to a single license key.  Once the DID is issued, CDYNE assigns it to the customer’s license key which may be used to send text messages from the dedicated number(s).

Combining Shared and Dedicated Long Numbers

In some cases, businesses may need to use a combination of both methods to send and receive text messages. To do this, users can use two separate SMS Notify! API license keys. It’s simple to generate an additional SMS Notify! API license key. And the best part is that it is free. Let’s use an example to illustrate.

Customer ABC creates license key xxx11yyy-1234-1a2b-3ca4-xxxe77e91yyy and assigns the key alias “Shared.” The customer can add a secondary key and assign with the alias, “DID 4723.” Customer ABC contacts CDYNE to order a DID. CDYNE staff place the order and assign the DID to license key “DID 4723.” With those steps complete, Customer ABC can program the license key called “Shared” to send out text messages on the bank of shared long numbers, as well as program the license key “DID 4723” to send and/or receive text messages from the dedicated phone number.

Test SMS Notify! API for free by requesting a trial license key by calling 1-800-984-3710, inquire or initiate a chat.

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