Thanksgiving Leftovers

Thanksgiving Leftovers
Thanksgiving Leftovers




Come Thursday night the age-old question of what to do with all the leftovers rears its untimely head. One solution is to send it home with your guests…of course. After all the day is meant for giving.

But not long after said guests trickle out, the Black Friday frenzy begins.  With retail stores opening their doors at outrageous hours, there’s obviously no time to stop for lunch. So why not pack up some of your leftovers while scrolling through your CDYNE SMS Notify! powered texts for a promotion or two.

In the spirit of giving, here’s an example of a magic code that would help your store be as stuffed as your turkey was the night before.

Prompt your loyal customers to text the promo code ‘BLACK’ to a short code provided to you by CDYNE. All the texts will be received through your Postback URL, looking similar to this:


Once your system has received the keyword an automated message will be sent back to the subscriber with your coupon. It would look something like this:



Now wasn’t that easy?  But wait there’s more…

By texting ‘BLACK’ the customers are also opting-in to receiving your messages, so keep sending those discounts this holiday season. Its a gift for one and a gift for all.

So, this Black Friday bring your well-deserved Thanksgiving Leftover Turkey Sandwich and we’ll supply the discounts via text.  We promise it will be tasty, just don’t forget to write your name or you might end up like Ross.


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