The Cloud Does It Better (and Cheaper): Here’s How

In his October 29th blog entry on ZDNet: Cloud cuts everyone’s cost of ownership, Phil Wainewright explores the truth behind cloud superiority.  Here’s a basic summary of the two main points:
The Cloud Trumps Single-Company Performance
The cloud operates on a very high standard, maintaining stellar uptime with increased redundancy and protection from outages. A cloud provider will go to great lengths to ensure that it has value over proprietary systems because of the nature of competition in the marketplace – there is more incentive to be the best.
Aggregate Savings Are Key
Cloud computing infrastructure saves money for individual businesses sharing resources in the same way that collaborative product purchase by multiple businesses saves money on goods by sharing aggregated bulk buying power.
So in using cloud platforms, businesses are actually getting faster and better performing systems at lower costs.
Check out Wainewright’s blog entry.

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