The Olympics of Texting: Worldwide Messaging Made Easy

by CDYNE Corporation
The Olympics of Texting: Worldwide Messaging Made Easy

The 2016 Summer Olympics started in Rio last week. Every day millions of people all over the globe turn on their television to watch their country’s athletes compete against the best in the world. It is a time that brings the together people from all walks of life. This year a total of 205 countries are participating in the Games.636006714065597086-81932308_Rio-2016-Olympics-e1463463766287-640x330

Are you interested in reaching international countries via text message? With CDYNE’s SMS Notify! service you would have the ability to communicate with 210 countries worldwide. CDYNE has connections with telecommunication carriers in almost every country making the process of international SMS efficient.

We offer dedicated country codes for companies interested in local numbers that are easily recognizable. Another option is a UK phone number which can be used in all countries. With CDYNE’s Service Level Agreement of 99% uptime both options to be reliable and fast while allowing you to send 30 messages per minute. For companies in need of higher volumes our new international short codes will be available soon with the ability to send up to 9,000 messages per minute.

SMS Notify! offers all mentioned features and more for competitive rates. Start racing towards the gold with your new account including 250 FREE transactions for testing. Call 1-800-984-3710 or email to start texting internationally today!