Updates to CDYNE.com Make Navigation Easier

New features on www.cdyne.com for the benefit of our site visitors!

We added a live chat interface for customers to talk to us. Everyone seems to have enjoyed interacting in this new format.  Now if we could just get the off-duty staffers to stop pretending to be John Stamos looking for a phone API….

We also decided it was important to highlight our two Web Service packages – Communications and Data Quality – to provide a more simplified view of CDYNE services.  We still have all the same services, but they are now categorized by usage.  Each package page has a customer spotlight on a company that uses one of our services, complete with testimonial.

CDYNE.com has a new short and colorful home page intro about the packages, an overall pricing page with interactive calculator, and a page dedicated to our Phone Notify! Idea Contest (Developers – Win a Dell Mini!).

Please visit our newly polished site and let us know what you think.  We plan to add more great features in the near future, and we’ll take your feedback into consideration as we update for a fresh, new look.

Send site feedback to: ecr@cdyne.com

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