Valuable CRM Add-On Solutions for Data Quality and Communications

CDYNE Web Services are perfect for implementing in CRM software solutions.  Offer your customers valuable add-ons to help them retain customers and stay in touch with staff.

They can scrub their data as it enters their system – automatically.  They can communicate with staff, students, customers, and patients by sending automatic messages straight from the database.  You can resell these services or offer them as a complimentary added value to your software or service.

CDYNE Web Services are fast and easy to implement. They – and the data they process – update automatically to make sure your customers always have the latest information on hand. Retain customers.  Offer valuable add-ons to help them master their data and stay ahead of the curve.

Call 1-800-984-3710 for more information on implementing CDYNE Web Services as a reseller.  Our staff is ready to answer your questions and get you started with an easy product add-on that can help improve your bottom line.  Visit to read more about our XML Web Service solutions for data quality and communications.

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