View Reseller License Key Usage on Your CDYNE Web Service Invoice

Many customers activate more than one license key per Web Service through CDYNE’s free Reseller Web Service. This service allows you to add, enable, disable, and get transaction counts via a Web Service. You only pay one monthly fee regardless of the number of license keys generated.

At the time of invoicing, Reseller Web Service customers have three ways to view their account usage and totals. The first view is the main invoice which includes the Web Service monthly fee as well as the total monthly transaction fee per Web Service. Here is an example invoice showing a total of 96 SMS transactions:

So how do you find the transaction and price breakdown of each reseller license key? At the bottom of the invoice there is a statement, “For a detailed report:” with a link that follows. Clicking on this link will open up a separate page with two additional reports:  the CDYNE Corporation billing detail report, and a Breakdown of Summary Items report.

The CDYNE Corporation billing detail report shows a list of each license key under the parent account. It also shows the transactions per key, as well as the total transaction charge per key. Below is an example that shows five license keys for SMS Notify! The first license key ending in “3abc4d” had 25 transactions for a total of 25 cents.

The Breakdown of Summary Items report shows a daily summary of transactions processed per license key. Continuing with the license key ending in “3abc4d,” the report below shows the daily count – starting with 3 transactions on 10/31, and ending with 2 transactions on 11/26.

For more account information, please contact an account representative at 1-800-984-3710, inquire by email, or initiate a chat for more details.

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