Web Technology Can Actually Increase Security for Health Care Organizations

Health care organizations have many issues to consider when choosing technology to streamline operations. HIPAA and the Red Flags Rule are just two of those issues. Privacy and protection from medical identity theft are high on the list of considerations for administrators, and many who are unfamiliar with Web technology may fear that security will suffer when using services over the Internet.  Actually, the opposite may be true.

Web services, especially those using XML, use the same open channels that intranets that operate within the organization do, so no security risks are present that are not already present in daily operations.  In addition, most Web services, including CDYNE’s, use 128 bit SSL encryption.  This level of encryption is security of the highest level and will protect patient information and insure against medical identity theft by hackers.

The services themselves are also instrumental in preventing identity theft and protecting patient information. CDYNE Web Services include 411 reverse lookups, for matching address and phone number to name and filling in gaps in patient and business records for billing as well as treatment, and Death Index, which runs patients through the Social Security Administration’s Death Index to reduced deceased person identity theft.  These two services alone are used by countless health care practices at point of entry to comply with government regulations, including the Red Flags Rule.

In addition to 411 and Death Index, CDYNE provides address and phone verification products as well as text and phone notification services for validating patients, reminding them of appointments, or notifying them of billing questions or payment dates.

And the reporting functions on all the services can bet set up to automatically update the database and return reports based on whatever criteria the organization chooses. CDYNE’s fraud prevention Web Services are invaluable tools in the field of health care.  Protect your patients, your medical records, and your practice from fraud. contact us today at 1-800-984-3710 or visit www.cdyne.com for more information.

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