Wendy’s® Uses CDYNE for Online Keyword Filtering

CDYNE’s keyword filtering Web Service is now being used on restaurant chain Wendy’s® social community site, Wendysrealtime.com, to filter tweets (from a Twitter feed) collected and displayed on the site. 

The Wendy’s social site scans the Twitter feed for keywords related to Wendy’s products, including the words “hungry” and “bacon,” as well as photos and videos shared online. The posts display in colorful text bubbles with sound effects, appearing in real-time as they are created.


The CDYNE keyword filtering tool, officially named the CDYNE Profanity Filter, is an XML SOAP API Web Service that processes Internet data in real time.  Users can generate their own filters or use CDYNE’s database of generally accepted terms for censoring and adjust according to their needs.  Profanity Filter is offered as a free service to low-volume customers.  Comarketing agreements can be established for higher volume clients. 


Visit our wiki (wiki.cdyne.com) to view CDYNE’s free Web Services, and register at www.cdyne.com to use them.

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