What are Web services?

Most people’s eyes glaze over when you mention Web Services. So what is a Web service? Why use Web services?

A Web service is merely a way for an organization to communicate over a network with another organization without having any knowledge about how their IT operations work. Web services are not considered to be in any one programming language, therefore it does not matter what language your IT department or outsourcing company programs in — Web Services are ultra-easy to implement. Web services are also well known because they are the new recognized standard for communication in the computer world. CEOs, Marketing Directors, and CIOs everywhere are joining the world of Web services.

So how can this standard way of connecting to other organizations help me?

Web services allow you to share business logic or data with any other business with very little programming. Web services are expandable and easy to implement into any part of a Web application and can perform almost any function you can think of. Web service providers have to take the load of maintaining the hardware and software costs while you pay a low usage fee.


· You can cleanse, standardize or verify your Postal Address database at Point-of-Entry or run your whole database through in batches using a Postal Address Verification Web service.

· You can set up automatic doctor appointment reminders in your hospital CRM application using a phone or text Notification Web service.

Who controls this technology?

Actually, no one owns this technology. It is free for anyone to use.

Relevant LINKS:
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WIKI definition of a Web Service – A detailed technical explanation of what a Web service is.
W3C Web Services Activity – The goal of the W3C Web services Activity is to develop a set of technologies in order to lead Web services to their full potential.


A Web service is a standard communication method and can be commanded to perform a task such as making a call, or it can be given a Postal Address and it will return a Standardized Address for you. There are thousands of different types of Web services, so remember that when you see a Web service being offered, don’t let your eyes glaze over. Think of any part of your organization that could use that Web service. More than likely, you will be praised for adding this new possibility with absolutely no maintenance and minimum costs associated.


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