What Can You Expect With a CDYNE Short Code?

1. A Dedicated Short Code Manager from Start to Launch

A CDYNE dedicated short code manager will help you provision a dedicated short code from start to finish and navigate the often changing carrier rules and requirements. They specialize in all use cases and can help with a range of topics from billing  to compliance issues. They will be your primary contact here at CDYNE to make the short code provisioning process as easy and painless as possible.

2. Extra Assurance That Your Text Messages Will Be Delivered

SMS Notify! API has a long number or DID backup system for sending text messages when short codes messages cannot be delivered. You can add a DID to the same license key that the short code is assigned to and request that this feature be turned on. Once this is done, the API will default to sending from the short code. When the system encounters a carrier that is not supported, or the carrier cannot deliver the message, SMS Notify! will automatically send the text message over the long number instead.

Some carriers support short code delivery receipts and this information is available through the SMS Notify! PostBackURL system. The API will receive the following codes and post them back to a URL you designate and can be assigned by logging into your account at cdyne.com. The backup DID system will only be activated in the following scenarios:

Carrier Not Supported

SMS Notify! will receive a delivery receipt error code 091 – INVALID ROUTING which meant that a carrier does not currently support traffic via short code. With a backup DID in place, the API will resend the text message over the DID network, which supports all major carriers for the U.S. and Canada.

Carrier Did Not Deliver the Message

Some carriers support short code delivery receipts that indicate the message status. The following codes are used to indicate that a message could not be delivered:

005 – DELETED/UNDELIV – There are several reasons why this message status occurs including:

  • An end user’s cell phone number is blocked at carrier level
  • A message delivery was attempted, but the message could not be delivered and was deleted from carrier
  • Handset might be out of network coverage when message delivery was attempted.
  • Handset might be switched off
  • Handset might be roaming out of carrier’s supported network

023 – REJECTED – The message is rejected by the carrier.

024 – UNDELIV – The attempt to deliver the message failed. This may be cause by:

  • Handset might be out of network coverage when message delivery was attempted
  • Handset might be switched off
  • Handset might be roaming out of carrier’s supported network

3. Custom HELP and STOP Keyword Responses for Short Codes

CDYNE dedicated short codes give you the option to customize your HELP and STOP keyword text message responses as part of the short code provisioning process. By default, the API automatically handles certain system keywords. For example, when an end user texts HELP to your short code, SMS Notify! will automatically respond with the following message:

“Your Business Name”: Reply STOP to cancel. Msg&Data Rates may apply. Msg Freq per acct setup. “Your Business  #.”

There may be instances when your company is sending text messages on behalf of your clients and will require dynamic response messages so that each individual company name and contact number responds accordingly. This feature is available on request and can be set up during the short code provisioning process, or turned on anytime after your dedicated short code is live.

4. Five Free Keyword with Shared Short Codes

To get you started with shared short codes, CDYNE includes up to five free keywords with your account.

Separate companies are able to run simultaneous campaigns on a single short code with the use of keywords. A keyword is a unique phrase assigned to a short code that identifies a business campaign. For example, Dr. O’s dentist and Sal’s Pizza both use short code 55616 to communicate with their customers. Dr. O uses the keywords SMILE and CLEAN for two separate campaigns: texting SMILE to 55616 subscribes the user to appointment reminders; and the CLEAN keyword designates a special offer Dr. O’s office is running this month. Sal’s Pizza uses CHEESE so subscribers can subscribe to delivery specials. The unique keywords allow businesses to share the use of a short code.

5. Short Code Reporting

Log into your account at cdyne.com to view short code reports and export the information to an .xls or .csv file. You can search messages by the most recent number, date range, or phone numbers. The report shows the type of message (outgoing or incoming), the to or from recipient phone number, message status, sent date and time, the text message unique MessageID, and the text message sent or received.

CDYNE offers both shared and dedicated short codes in the U.S. and Canada. Click here to get started today!

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