What Happens When a Customer Calls My DID?

A customer recently asked the question, “When a customer calls our DID instead of texting back, what happens to that call?” The answer depends on whether you have the DID activated for SMS, Voice, or both.

A DID is a 10-digit SMS-enabled phone number that is assigned to a customer’s SMS Notify! license key to enable two-way SMS communication through the SMS Notify! API. By default, the DID is used only for text messages when it is assigned to an SMS Notify! license key–so when you call the DID an automated recording plays the following set of instructions:

“If you have received an unwanted or unsolicited message from this number please text back with the word STOP, and this provider will be blocked from sending you further messages. You will receive a final text message as confirmation from this number to verify that you entered in STOP correctly. If you have entered STOP in error and wish to receive more messages from this provider text back RESUME. This number is currently only used for text messages. Thank you.”

CDYNE customers can add voice features to their SMS DIDs to use simultaneously for both text messaging and voice capabilities. For example, by following these three steps, you can add voice capabilities to your SMS DID and set an incoming call script to direct your callers.

1. Activate a Phone Notify! license key to enable voice features

You can activate license keys through the customer portal at cdyne.com. Or you may contact customer service at 1-800-984-3710, info@cdyne.com or through chat to activate the key and assign your DID.

2. Assign a DID to a Phone Notify! License Key

Using the AssignIncomingNumber method in Phone Notify! you can assign your SMS DID to your Phone Notify! license key. This method returns true if the assignment is successful and returns false if the number is claimed or not available.

3. Set the Incoming Call Script

You can set the incoming call script with the SetIncomingCallScript method to play a text-to-speech or recorded message for the caller. You can also use Phone Notify! advanced commands to interact with the caller through the telephone keypad, transfer or record calls, and utilize other voice features.

The cost to add voice to your SMS-enabled DID includes a $9.99 monthly service fee for the Phone Notify! API plus phone call transactions.

Regular Phone Notify!  and transaction billing applies.


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