What is the Difference between CDYNE Phone Verification and CDYNE Phone Notify!?

CDYNE Web Service
CDYNE Phone Verification (Data Quality)
CDYNE Phone Notify! (Communication)
CDYNE Phone Verification is a hosted, programmable XML Web Service that verifies area code and prefix (1st three digits) for U.S. and Canadian phone numbers and identifies if it is a landline or cellular number. Phone Notify! is a hosted, programmable XML Web Service that can send or receive up to 4,000 Tier-1 quality phone calls per minute using text to speech, recorded files, or both.
  • Identify a phone number as a land line or cellular number
  • Point of entry website verification
  • Triple geo-code incoming applications or leads in conjunction with CDYNE Postal Address Verification and IP2Geo Web Services
  • Returns latitude and longitude, area code, and time zone
  • Identify the phone numbers in your list that have new area codes following a NANPA split and replace incorrect area codes.
  • Identify and append incorrect or missing area codes
  • Emergency Alert Calls and School Closing Calls
  • Automated Appointment and Payment Reminders
  • Product Delivery Status Notifications
  • Credit Card Verifications and Password Resets
  • Automated Courtesy Holiday or Birthday Greeting Calls
  • Political Campaign Messages
  • Event Planning (Clubs, Sports, Churches)
  • Phone Call Blasts (1 Day Sales, VIP Reservations, Job Notifications)


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