What’s Next If your Short Code Receives An Audit?

So you’ve received your first Program Violation Notice-Short Code Audit. Don’t Panic.  Most audits can be fixed in a timely manner without and lasting consequences.

Simply put a Program Violation Notice or Audit is issued on behalf of the CTIA to short code owners who failed during a random screening. A short code owner can fail an audit for any multitude of reasons varying in levels of severity. Severity level is determined by how harmful the violation is to consumers.

Each Program Violation Notice will feature a specific audit number accompanied by the short code number that was used during the violation, the location of the audit failure and the code determining the severity of the violation. The audit will also contain the date of the failure and the date it needs to be resolved by or the “Cure Date”.   It is required by the CTIA to have the issue at hand fixed on or before the given Cure Date.  The length of time for the Cure Date is correlated to the severity of the discrepancy.

Receiving an audit can be very disappointing news, especially if it is one of high severity or included a large amount of corrections.  The good news is that once you have made the required corrections, getting your short code back into good standing is easy. Below the steps on what to do if you ever receive a Program Violation Notice! Each case will differ in terms of how to handle a Program Violation. The steps below are the basic steps for closing your audit, in what we find, the easiest way!

  1. Review the Program Violation Notice thoroughly.
  1. Correct all aspects of the violation.
  1. Confirm the issue has been fixed.
  1. Contact CTIA Compliance Team with solved issue.
  1. CTIA Compliance Team confirms fix & closes the audit.
  1. DONE!

You have the ability to contact the CTIA support staff with questions/concerns via the phone at any point in the process. You also be given the option to ask questions by responding to the original e-mail that was issued. If you do decide to communicate by e-mail, do not change the original e-mail’s subject description. Communication can also be done via the audit portal.  Any sign-in information will be available on the original audit notification.

If you do decide to call and inform them that the issue has been fixed, keep in mind they will check before closing the audit. The results of the test will be sent to you via e-mail stating that the audit has been closed or that additional corrections are needed.

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