Winner of the Phone Notify! Idea Contest Gets His Mini

We are pleased to announce the winner of the CDYNE Phone Notify! Idea Contest: Rick Bullotta of Phoenixville, PA.  We bet he’s happily tapping away at his Dell Mini right this minute.  ” Thank you so much!  What an awesome surprise,” said Rick when we checked in on him.  You’re welcome, Rick.  We love your idea.  Let’s make it happen.

So What’s The Big Idea?



Rick’s plan is to develop an app for service providers (like doctors, spas and restaurants) to fill gaps or cancellations by interfacing with customers booking last minute appointments. Everybody wins – providers maximize schedules and customers who don’t want to wait a month for an appointment can be wait-listed and notified when one opens up.

We don’t want to reveal too many details and steal Rick’s thunder, so that’s all you’re getting for now. We think the idea has real potential. To show our support and enable Rick to develop the app at his leisure, we gave him 500 Phone Notify! transactions to play with in addition to the grand prize – a Dell Mini with Windows 7.

Keep an eye out for our next contest…it could be you next time. And as always, we like to hear your ideas. We’ll be happy to help you develop them. For inspiration, will host a dedicated page for the contest submissions – our favorites – in March/April. Watch for it!

Thanks to all our contest entrants. The final decision was difficult. There are some creative developers out there itching to contribute something grand to the world. And a few of you ready to shovel some back to “the man.” We can appreciate both!

CDYNE contest rules provide that CDYNE owns the rights to all ideas submitted. Rick Bullotta’s app plan is copyright protected.


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